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Welcome to the Alfamito Blog. The rhetoric of literary language. The beauty of language. Language has no form and variety without literature. So literature should be learned; must read But let that literature be pure; inexhaustible As a Muslim, the responsibility and duty given to me by Allah, to what extent it is fulfilled in impure and uninteresting literature is a matter of thought.

We want our literature to be colored in the colors of the Holy Quran. What is the book rich in literature than the glorious Quran? But does the Quran teach us sick literature?

So our call - spread the light of Hera in our literature! Our Alfamito Blog was launched to expand this goal. We are multifaceted and all our work is managed by skilled directors. 

You can visit our About Us page to know more about us. 

You can contact us if you want to send any comment or text about any problem or article or want to discuss advertisement. Below is the contact form.

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